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I found Eddie on Petfinder in 2018. The moment I met him I fell in love and adopted him.  I was Eddies fourth home but I like to think he kept moving on until he found me.  Eddie had mobility issues from bad knees that surgery could not fix which is why he had the cart. I adopted Eddie when he was 5 years old and had him for 3 years until he crossed the rainbow bridge in 2021. It was not enough time together but I know I gave Eddie the best years of his life. It fills my heart knowing how many people loved Eddie and how many lives he has touched.  The  little dog that had three homes give him away ended up being loved by families from all over the world. He deserved that kind of love from the start and I am so grateful he had it in the end.  

Eddie, Eddie Bear, Schloopy - 

"I only miss you when I am breathing"

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