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D.O.B. 4/25/2013
GOTCHA DAY June 25, 2018
I discovered Eddie on When I placed the call about him I was informed he had mobility issues.  He had recent knee surgery to repair severe luxated patellas which the vet felt he was born with. He had already been through three homes and I would be his fourth. The minute I saw Eddie I knew I was taking him and he came home with me. Unfortunately surgery did not work and Eddie never did walk again.  It was decided that Eddie would have a cart made so he could live as normal a life as possible with his disability.  As Eddie ages his front legs need a little more help to pull himself along so Eddie recently upgraded to a four wheel cart. Eddie attends weekly laser and hydro therapy and it really helps his mobility.  Eddie will never walk again without assistance but that does not stop him from living his best life.
Although I have always had dogs and some that were special needs before Eddie, Eddie opened my heart and mind to adopting all special needs animals.  He is quirky and hilarious in his own cranky way.  He needs a little extra care as do all my dogs, but the love "specials" give are worth it.  Please consider adoption for your next furry family member!

The day we met
June 2018
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